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*All gatherings are in English

Typically we have worship, followed by a talk from one of the leaders. You may see members of our church bring words of encouragement, pray for one another or read from the Bible, as they feel prompted by God.


Come together to learn more about Jesus, encourage one another, have lots of fun, eat together, share your hearts and life. Young adults age group: 17 - 30


Sunday school for kids  

Meeting Jesus, having fun, play and hearing stories from the bible.  


Copenhagen Community Church is a local evangelical fellowship with the vision to reach out to the people from all nations living in or visiting Copenhagen. Many students and tourists seem to have found a home with us. There are many good Christian churches in Copenhagen and we acknowledge our need for a relationship with these other Christians. Our leaders participate in monthly gatherings with leaders from different denominations.


We are in a relationship with Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches together on a mission. We want to motivate people with grace because we ourselves have experienced that God loves us – not for what we can do, but for who we are. On a bad Monday morning, when everything might be wrong, God is in control, and He loves us and understands us so much, that He came to earth, as Jesus Christ, and died for all our wrongdoings. 


We believe God can restore us when we turn to Him and receive His love, help, and forgiveness. We want Him to change us from the inside. We are not trying to impress God any longer. We are who we are – and that is how God loves us.





Jesus was a man who claimed to be God. Think about that for a minute. If that was true, how would it change the way you thought, felt, and lived this life?


At Copenhagen Community Church, we believe that Jesus is God. We take Him at His Word. Because of this, everything we do is about Jesus. We invite you to learn more about this man who is God, and how you can find forgiveness and a new life in Him.


We love a family atmosphere. When we come together on a Sunday it's to worship Jesus, and exhort one another. We want everybody to know they are precious and loved by God. We believe that church should be a family where everybody has a part to play.


Therefore in all our gatherings, we emphasize praying for one another, exhorting one another, encouraging one another, and sharing hearts together. We are an international Church in Copenhagen. All our services are in English.


We are committed to being a Church where people in this great city, find a warm and friendly fellowship, and where people encourage one another. Most of all we want to experience God’s presence together.


"Church is where the presence of God is"

- Terry Virgo



The Bible is utterly trustworthy and inspired by God. It is enough (sufficient) for teaching us what to believe and how to live. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand the Bible.



Our Sunday meeting starts at 2:00 pm and usually finishes by 4:00 pm.

All services are in English. Typically we have worship, followed by a talk from one of the leaders of our church here. You may see members of our church bring words of encouragement, or read from the Bible, as they feel prompted by God to do so.